Mardie Caldwell, COAP (Certified Open Adoption Practitioner)
Successful Business Owner & Marketing Expert

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Caldwell with her husband

Mardie Caldwell has been a visionary and entrepreneur since the age of 16. She has started and sold multiple businesses, has rescued those on the brink of closing, and has revitalized aging businesses with revolutionary ideas. She is always on the cutting edge of being in the forefront of her customers’ minds.

A successful business owner, award-winning author and noted expert in her field, Mardie is committed to bringing the marketing solutions and techniques that have worked for her to business owners facing today’s new economy.


visionary adoption expert Mardie Caldwell and children

Caldwell with her children

“I want every business owner to be successful,” she says, “but the reality is that if we don’t try to change with the times, we will be left behind. A perfect example of this is mobile marketing. Small businesses that are doing this are connecting instantly with their customers and feeling the rush of sales when they need it most. Think of a restaurant that got a great deal on fresh salmon from their supplier this morning. A simple text message to their customers sharing a dinner salmon special will have standing-room-only this evening! No other current form of communication is this effective!”

Mardie’s marketing solutions reach beyond technology, to include what some call old-fashioned customer service, but she teaches it with a twist. “Many have forgotten or simply never learned how to provide top-notch customer service. A customer who has a wonderful, welcoming experience will tell their friends, regardless of your business niche!” Through Mardie’s easy-to-implement tips, any business can learn how to provide the perfect customer experience every time.

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