Young Entrepreneur Finds Success Through 1 Marketing System

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businesses and entrepreneursIt’s wonderful to hear how businesses and entrepreneurs apply and implement the tips and practices they learned through 1 Marketing System! Mardie Caldwell, 1 Marketing System’s expert, mentored a young entrepreneur, TJ O’Brien, after he attended a 1 Marketing System workshop two years ago, at the age of 18.

Mardie shares: “TJ worked for me for a while, took care of my cars, trucks, helped in the office and shadowed me. He even negotiated to take my H2 Hummer to the Prom (slick teen!). He started his own car detailing business, signed a business office and shop lease, and is doing great. TJ checks in with me about once a month to ask marketing questions, pass by ideas, and seek encouragement. He isn’t even 21 yet; I love seeing these young people go for it! Just blesses my heart…and our future.

So here’s the text I got from TJ today:

‘MARDIE!!! I am en route to Jay Leno’s garage to film a detailing commercial with me and Leno, doing a one-on-one interview with a demo! The interview will be how I built the business and my personal history with cars, and how the steam has been the base of my new professional business foundation. When I look back and think of the people who have helped me get to this point I think of you! –TJ’”

Mardie replies: “TJ, I am so very proud of you and how your business has taken off. You were born to be a successful business owner! I do remember you working in the garage with me and the good questions you asked. I’m praying for a great interview with Leno. I know you will hit it out of the park. Keep me updated. I feel like my own son is on his way! Hurray! –Mardie”

Read more about O’Brien’s appearance on Leno’s show in the newspaper The Union.

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