The Benefits of an Opt-In Website for Your Marketing

by | Marketing

marketing your websiteTo publicize your business, a wonderful tool is an “opt-in” website. Opt-in mainly involves a person has given you their permission to send them emails.

Opting in typically happens when they sign up on your website for a series of emails. An e-newsletter or deals on specific products would be common examples of this series of emails.

You will want to use a double opt-in to be completely sure that the person wants to receive your emails. For the first opt-in, the person fills out a form on your website. The second part of the opt-in happens when the recipient gets an automatic email asking them to click a link to confirm that they wish to sign up.

When creating your email marketing campaign, you want to make sure to use an opt-in lead list. If you send emails to lots of recipients who haven’t opted in is called spamming, and it’s highly unprofessional.

Here is a great sample of an opt-in website: