Testimony for 1 Marketing System’s Mardie Caldwell

by | Marketing

Check out what others have had to say about the Founder of 1 Marketing System, Mardie Caldwell:

“Mardie is an exceptional speaker and motivator! She speaks from the heart and with a tremendous amount of passion and experience. Her managerial skills are also top notch. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagements or business coaching.” — Jeff Mueller, Professor, National University

“Mardie has a rare combination of smarts, intuition, energy and an infectious personality. I would not hesitate to recommend Mardie as a leader or a part of any team.” — Robb Moore, CEO, ioSafe

“Mardie gave a wonderful workshop at our conference. She did an excellent job writing and editing a book which included information I shared with her.”
— Janet Ann Collins, Freelance Writer and Speaker