Marketing Strategy for Your Business Website

by | Marketing

Your website marketing strategy is a vital part of what determines the success or  failure of your business web site. This holds true whether your site is an is an addition to your offline business, or whether your business is completely online. Website marketing is not like any marketing you may have done using other media.

Still, promoting your website shares many common core marketing foundations that compose your other marketing efforts. I am a strong proponent that small businesses focus their marketing on the traditional direct marketing mantra of attention, interest, desire, and action.

Marketing your business website is as important as designing it – how will you get people to visit your marvelous information if they don’t know about it?  The more valuable your web site is for your business’ potential clients, the more effective your marketing efforts will be. Also, you don’t just want new visitors; you want RETURN visitors.

Offline marketing of your web site is just as important as the online marketing of your site: add your web site address to all literature and publications, announce the launch of your site, and print your website address on all posters, business cards, buttons, and other items given to the public.

There are many ways to market to return visitors as well: you should be updating your site at least once a month, have a place on your home page for announcements and upcoming events, create an email newsletter, and create a way to allow people to receive updates about your web site via their RSS readers.

The key to the successful marketing of your website is to accept that it is a never-ending, integrated process. To market efficiently and effectively online your entire staff has to immerse itself, at least to some degree, in using the Internet regularly as part of their work.